About Us

Critical-Kohai was created on a brief and compulsive whim of two friends who like talking anime together. We had decided that we needed a place where we could vent out our opinions and reactions to various forms of anime media and thought a blog page would be perfect for it, at the same time we found ourselves at the goal of making a community for people where they could come reliably for news, rare finds, anime recommendations, and discussing your feelings on whatever you are currently watching. Out of countless anime sites online we seek to find our niche and where we may belong in creating a community people will love as well as generating content we find entertaining and fulfilling.



Favorite anime:
Wagnaria, Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions, Toradora, Flip Flappers, Steins;Gate,
Ergo Proxy, Another, Fooly Cooly, No Game No Life, Angel Beats

Magical Girl Makki is a huge fan of RomCom anime. Shipping is my biggest hobby. Nothing makes me more happy than finding a cute ship in an unexpected anime. I don’t discriminate against taboo things (Loli, Incest, yuri/yaoi, Trap, Drugs…ect) or things that might disturb people. In fact Yuri is a burning passion for me and I’m constantly on the look out for a good anime or manga. My current favorite are “Girlfriends” and “Citrus” in Manga and “Candy Boy” and “Sakura Trick” in anime. Besides all that, I’m into anything musical, philosophical, surreal art, and movies.

I’m the creator of this website and I run its functions. So if anyone has any questions, suggestions, or problems then feel free to message me on here.

-Active Since January 2017


Favorite Anime:
Monogatari series, rin-ne, wagnaria, Gintama, Jojo’s bizarre adventure, one punch man, spice and wolf, the devil is a part timer, is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon, Noragami

Avidly watches anime through all platforms, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix (considering Anime Strike on Amazon too). Favorite genres are supernatural, seinen, detective, slice of life but don’t mind watching something out of my bubble such as romance and mech anime. My favorite anime series is Bakemonogatari and all the other series pertaining to the Monogatari series. Close seconds are Noragami and Spice and Wolf. I think as long as an anime has a good story and good characters and it has good animation, no matter what the genre it’s going to be good. Also frequently reading manga and light novels. A few of my favorite light novels series are “The Rising of the Shield Hero” by Aneko Yusagi, “Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Gril’s In A Dungeon” by Fujino Omori, and the Monogatari series that is coming out slowly such as “Kizumonogatari,” and “Bakemonogatari” by Nisioisin. Some of my favorite manga series I’m keeping up with (too many to really list, honestly) are “UQ Holder,” “Black Clover,” “Noragami,” “Blood Lad,” and “One Punch Man.” Some of the completed series I have collected are “Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer,” “Rurouni Kenshin,” and close to finishing “Rin-ne.” An avid gamer as well currently playing a lot of Diablo 3 but it varies between that and World of Warcraft. Favorite quote is “I don’t know everything, I only know what I know.” and if you are unaware which anime character says this then we might not be able to be friends….just kidding! I look forward to working with you!

-Active Since January 2017


Favorite Anime:
Glass Mask, Suzuka, Ichigo 100%, True Tears, C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, Rokka, Saekano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend-, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Yona of The Dawn.

After a horrible science experiment went wrong in the year 1991 a offshoot clone of Makki was created. Being raised in a different environment  led to the clone developing only a minuscule difference in taste from the original. The clone’s life aspirations are to become a film director, find the girl with a thousand masks, and to retire young so he can lay about the house all day and watch anime.

-Active Since February 2017