Citrus- Episode 1 The Bumpy Beginning that Triggered them All

Well after waiting for this to come out and being nervous about it and how it would translate into anime. I have to say that I think its done fantastically so far. First of all, the animation is 100 times better than I thought it was going to be. In fact, almost disturbingly so. The animation is almost done too well for what the shows content calls for.

Such as the part where the mei frisked her in order to grab her cell phone.

For what should have been a very simple comical scene, we were introduced into some disturbingly well animated caresses. Slightly complex cloth texture motions and such. That was hardly the only scene that had unnecessarily well animated moments. Not that this is a complaint at all. Maybe they were given more of a hefty animation budget on this than I thought.

It’s also the first time I’ve watched something where I read the manga first and wondered to myself how awkward and corny some of it might actually be in motion. Kind of like when people try to do live action anime. Things that happen in anime seem awkward and out of place in live action, but I never considered that the same kind of thing can happen (10 times worse) with something that may seem natural in manga would be really strange animated out.
(see the legendary balcony swinging scene from sakura trick)

I’m happy to say that in my opinion that none of it felt like it was done wrong or bad. I think they did a wonderful job adapting it. I would only say that the quick pacing that we have going makes Yuzu’s unexplained attraction to mei seem kind of odd and out of place, but hey this is romance anime. You have to expect things like that.

Lastly, lets talk about the end scene which apparently is getting flack. The forced kiss scene.

Now I read the manga (ha! I finally get to be one of those people) and this scene makes complete sense to me, and in fact the disturbing nature of the animation actually gave this scene more power and impact to me for story line to come. As my friend Trix said about the scene, that it seems fairly obvious to anyone paying attention why this scene played out the way it did.
I would hardly call this scene disturbing or cringe inducing. People seem to be judging the “graphic” nature of it prematurely though.
I can only think they are taking it as some kind of sick kink fan service (like I had in the manga the first time I read it to be fair)

Things in the beginning are bumpy for sure, but as the series goes on people will find out that this goes wayyy deeper than being kink service.

First episode was a pleasant surprise as far as quality goes, and if it keeps up, then I think I could be pretty happy as a fan. Looking forward to it.


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  1. it’s always good when you believe the anime may transcend the manga in ways and i know you have been looking forward to this one for a while.

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