Winter 2018 Anime I’m Covering

Welp!! Its a whole new year of anime and its looking like this year is gonna be pretty great for anime. With a ton of titles I’m looking forward to, now feels like as good a time as any to get back into blogging, reviewing, and criticizing all the anime I watch.

2018 starts off with two titles I’m extremely excited for and those will be my first two on the list. All of these I will be attempting to follow unless I lose interest in the series completely.

1. Overlord-

I absolutely loved the first season of this. In fact I never thought that I was going to see another season of it because of the studio it came from. It has a lot of dumb quirks and a lot of people are getting really tired of the Isekai genre… so I have a feeling its going to get a lot of those “meh….. it doesn’t do anything new that the genre hasn’t played to death already.” people ramming that line down my throat. Sometimes though something doesn’t have to do anything new to be entertaining. Overlord could do all the generic wonderful stuff it did in its first season and still be plenty great to me. Highly Overpowered fantasy battles, lovable npc characters that warship him like a god, and a little bit of simple yet fascinating politics. I’ll definitely be tuning in to see what happens to scooby and the gang every week. I just hope the anime doesn’t start taking itself too seriously, but I’ll get into that in my review of the first episode which was one of the first things to come out this season.

2. Citrus-


Alright so anyone who knows me, knows that Yuri is one of my favorite things. I believe if done right and less sexualized, Yuri could make for some of the best romance. A mature well done Yuri anime is just what the genre needs and……… well this isn’t it. But!!! its a step in the right direction! This anime doesn’t look well animated, the relationship is your typical tsundere garbage, and a lot of it seems like its just set up to lead to forceful awkward kiss scenes.
Still this manga was one of my guilty pleasures for sure, and its a huge title in the Yuri community. Along with a lot of the usual Yuri smut was actual intrigue and character development. It eventually develops pretty well and their relationship becomes more interesting, we’ll see if it gets that far though. So I guess….. I’m not expecting a lot from this, but I will be watching and covering every single episode. This could be the sign of some other really good big titles being animated soon.

3. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

I had originally skipped over this one when I first saw it, but then I reminded myself that every season I need a cute feel good anime to kind of snap me out of the anime (or life) funk that I’m in. This one seems like there were some manga readers who were decently happy this was coming out as well. I’m not sure how heavily I’ll cover it. This seems like it will be a bit more of a slice of life/romance version of “Seki-kun master of wasting time”. If the characters are lovable enough then I might be able to get into this one, but if its just about their shenanigans then I see myself getting bored quick. This one will definitely be a hit or miss for sure. we’ll see.

4- Kokkoku

I know absolutely nothing about this one, but from the trailer and the art it looks like its gonna be pretty good. I can tell this is gonna be one of those shows that leaves me on a cliff hanger every week making me want more. The animation and direction looks well done. Not to mention I love pretty much anything that has to do with time travel and manipulation. So with absolutely no expectations on this at all, I feel like this one can only do really well. I’ll even say that it could be the sleeper hit of the season. Definitely will be covering this one.

5- Violet Evergarden

Alright, so this is another one I know pretty much nothing about, but daaaammmmmnnnnnn does the animation look amazing. Kyoani studio stuff always gets a chance from me. Anything with art and animation done so well deserves at least a 3 episode try. It looks like it will be absolutely full of emotion and feels and thats something I’ll always sign up for if its done right.

6- Beatless

Here is the one I put into my list that I fully intend to hate. The main character already looks like the exact kind that I hate. Its the supernatural crazy part of this that looked the most interesting and drew me in. It looks like chaos;head kind of stuff. I’m literally only putting it on this list because of the possibility that it could become an interesting psychological masterpiece, but I doubt it pretty heavily. Hope I’ll be surprised.

7- Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

This is one of those things that deters a lot of people, but I really like forbidden love situations. Especially when its done mature and artfully like this one seems like its been done. Something that doesn’t feel like its a kink, but instead a challenge to what people traditionally think about who can love who. So this has a pretty shining hope for me to be something intriguing. We’ll see.

8- Marchen Madchen

I actually think I’ll hate this one as well. Art looks cute and magic looks well animated, but after little witch academy something like this probably would just seem less well developed and just kind of the moe anime of the season. I’ll give it a try though.

9- Takunomi

aaaaaaannnnddd finally the thing that’s on the list simply because I know I have anime friends who will be talking about this one and I don’t want to feel left out. An anime about an apartment complex full of quirky women who drink together. I’m sure there will be silly good times.

So that wraps it all up. I’m sure I’ll end up dropping some of these and picking others up that friends recommend to me, but this is the plan so far, and I promise I’m sure I’ll get to half of it. I might just cover the episodes the interest me the most.
Happy New Year!!!

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  1. #3 will be adorable, and #7 i think ive read some of the manga and it’s not really going to be quite a forbidden love situation because the guy is actually very responsible and apprehensive about the girl. when you start to watch you will see. apparently you arent gonna watch tokyo ghoul:re tho huhhhhh?? I’ll be posting to let you know my thoughts throughout the season 😛

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