Anime Review: Houseki No Kuni

When the Fall anime previews came out, I came across the trailer for this anime and was immediately taken in by the beautiful images and animation. With actual good looking CGI characters too? Have we finally hit a future where that is possible? I thought for sure this was gonna be the next big anime people would talk about.

I’ve been very surprised to find nobody else watching this one though. Which is a shame, because in my opinion this one hit at least the top 3 anime of 2017. Just behind Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and Made in Abyss.


First of all lets get something out of the way. The “girls” are all immortals made out of gems. The first thing you’ll see in all the comment sections is people saying “So an anime steven universe rip off?” or something. Its confirmed that this manga was created long before steven universe was even thought up. Not that I see much relation anyway. At most they have similar themes, but the storyline’s could not be any more different.

Second, you’ll see a lot of confusion about the gender, because in Japanese they all use masculine language when referring to themselves. Of course people always lose their shit when its not really clear. I prefer to think of them as girls, but when it comes down to it, they are gem stones. They don’t have a gender and they don’t need one. I think it actually gives you a lot to think about that you can still exist without gender or a sexual identity.
That maybe these characters can have adventures together, be friends, and even fall in love with each other without worrying about anything other than their personality.

So with that out of the way, I find it hard to really explain why I like this show so much. As I sit here thinking about everything that happened in the show, you realize its not much at all. Yet at the end of every episode I found myself unable to wait for the next weeks episode to come out.
The Gem theme was obviously catching in the beginning. With comedy that was just done well enough to be endearing and not corny at the same time.
The characters were all lovable and I enjoyed pretty much all the personalities and character struggles, obviously the main character phos being the most enjoyable as we go through her MASSIVE transformation from who she was in the beginning of the show to the one she was at the end.

The CGI animation was not only done well and enjoyable to watch, but was also spectacularly beautiful.

The world at first glance was kind of not well built at all. Until you start getting into the mystery and origin of their world. In fact, a lot of the anime is like that.

Anyway, I would continue writing more about it because I really did love this show a lot. but my computer crapped out and deleted my ENTIRE entry on this. After a hard day at work I don’t have the spirit in me to do it again.

So all I can say is that this one was great, and worth watching to the end. A solid 8/10 for me for a good game changing anime…. too bad we probably won’t see any further than the first season.

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