Trixie’s Super Loveydovey (And Sometimes Depressing) Top Ten Romance Anime

As the resident romance anime expert of the blog (sorry Makki I call dibs!) i only saw it fitting to make a top ten list with all my favorite romance anime on it! Since it’s Valentine’s Day  February what better time to post it! As with most things i post this list will have plenty of shows that won’t have a ton of recognition. They must not be that good then rest assured though they deserve their place up on the list with the well known titans of the genre. Without further ado here is the best anime I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.

Number 10: Suzuka

What better way to star off the list on this Fuuka Blog then with the prequel to everyone’s favorite romance of the season! I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about Fuuka so why not change it up and learn about her mom and dad. I’m sure I’ll write up a bigger post about this one eventually but for the now the quick summery… it’s a good show. Even if the track and field background isn’t your cup of tea the romance and characters are sure to keep you enthralled with this lovely romance. If you can get past the dated art-style and animation there lies a realistic and heartwarming tale that I’m sure everyone will enjoy.

Number 9: Ichigo 100%

I may just have my nostalgia goggles on for this one at least when it comes to the anime because the manga for this one is one of the best harem romances of all time. Like most Harem shows this ones got plenty of fan-service. When the main premise of the show involves finding the girl with the strawberry panties  you are kind of strapped in for a wild ride. The heroines are fantastic as they should be with any great harem show. What really set’s this anime apart as one of the best is it’s unbelievable OST and soundtrack. To this day it’s one of the best I’ve ever herd, the music will be stuck in your head for months! What really holds this show back in being so low on the list is that it doesn’t adapt the full manga, I would kill if they ever decided to remake the show and do the whole thing.

Number 8: H20: Footprints in the Sand

So, when is there going to be a show on the list i actually know? Soon I promise! For now this hidden gem is totally worth your time. This emotional and high satisfying anime is sure to pull on your heart strings. The interesting concept alone catapults this anime onto this list, a blind high school student is the main character? Please don’t let the simple art-style keep you away from this lovely dramatic piece. More details would just ruin what makes this anime so great (that ending) so give this one a whirl.

Number 7: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

This completely different take on the romance genre is a new classic that only sits at this position on the list because it isn’t complete and I’m not sure if this will end in romance or not.  Which is a huge plus that sets it apart form other shows in the genre. It’s a show that demands a viewing if you are looking for a fresh and different take on the slice of life anime. Details about this one will ruin all the fun so take my word and watch it, you will not be disappointed.

Number 6: My Love Story!!

This show is like bathing in a waterfall of puppies, the sugar levels of this romance is at a diabetic  inducing level. if you like your romance anime extra sweet this won’t disappoint and with such an adorable couple you won’t be able to stop grinning. Not only is this show cute it is laugh out loud hilarious a must watch for even just comedy fans.

Number 5: Shuffle!

When does a harem anime become something more? I’ll tell you when, it’s the moment they do a 180 in the last third of the show into full on romantic drama. It’s by far the best harem anime I’ve seen so great even got a tattoo inspired by it. if that isn’t putting your money where your mouth is i don’t know what is. If you can handle the typical harem shenanigans in the first  few acts this show’s wonderful conclusion will make it worth your time.

Number 4: Toradora

Does this anime even need an introduction at this point? it’s one of the standout romance anime of the last decade. Some even call it, “the greatest love story ever told” I’m not sure about all that but needless to say it lives up to hype and deserves all the praise it gets. you will fall in love with every character in this show and the conversations between them makes up for it’s simple plot. If you haven’t watched this yet get out from under that watch and enjoy.

Number 3: True Tears

This romantic drama will leave you absolutely devastated by the final episode you can really tell where this anime gets it’s name from.  I was balling my eyes out during the final episode an anime that will stay with you for years even if the impression it leaves isn’t a pleasant one. Any show that can leave that deep of an impression accomplishes it’s job. The show is about a girl who says she’s “gave away her tears” after her grandmothers death, A childhood friend that harbors a secret, and two friends in an unhappy relationship. All these plots are beautifully fleshed out and intermingled in such an amazing fashion. It’s about the main character learning about romance and sadness from these intertwined stories. A truly underrated emotional roller-coaster

Number 2: Saekano- How to Raise A Boring Girlfriend

This modern classic has quickly launched it’s way into my heart with it’s insanely lovable characters that you can’t help but smile at. If making a visual novel involved like 5 insanely cute girls why haven’t i started trying to make one already? What makes this show one of my favorites is just how excitingly different the main heroine is (or should i say isn’t). As the title suggests the main heroine is just an average boring normal girl, but that somehow makes her stand out so much more. She plays a perfect foil to the over the top characters that are the other heroines. This one is an amazing ride that is getting a season 2 next season so be sure to check this one out!

Number 1: Ef ~A Tale of Memories~

Imagine One Week Friends or 50 First Dates but instead of funny comedies they were super realistic dramatic takes on that concept of someone with short term memory loss. That is what it’s like watching number 1 on my list an unbelievable experience that everyone should partake in. The art direction and animation are in a league of their own that honestly left me breathless at points. The pinnacle when it comes to pure romance anime that needs to be watched by all fans of the genre.

That’s my top ten list I’m sure there are a lot wondering where some of the more well known bigger names are. This is just a personal opinion but some of the more well known shows *Cough* Clanned *Cough* just doesn’t grip me as much as it does most people. Some of my favorite shows with romance in them aren’t on the list because I feel like they aren’t the main driving force of the show. Leave a comment with some of your favorites and where you think they should have been on the list.









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  1. I’m out of touch on lovey-dovey stuff, admittedly I’ve only seen 7, 4, and 2 on your list. Looks like I got some watching to do!

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