Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode 7 – Behold! My Perfect Body Glimmering in the Sunlight!

In this week’s episode of Masamune-kun’s Revenge, it is summer vacation so Makabe is struggling to find a way to get Adagaki to hang out with him. He leaves a flyer on her desk about Okinawa but she informs him she has other plans to visit her family’s villa that has it’s own private beach….on it’s own island….and she invites Shuri! Makabe can tell she’s inviting Shuri out of spite but luckily Shuri is a huge wimp and only agrees to go if Makabe can tag along with him. Oh yeah, and then since Makabe is going now Fujinomiya has to come too. Oh yeah and the class rep Futaba was listening so she’s coming too. It’s officially a summer vacation beach episode!


That escalated rather quickly

On the way to the island that Adagaki’s private villa is on, Yoshino informs Makabe that if he doesn’t do something to move his revenge plan forward, like getting closer to Adagaki, she will spill the beans on his plan. As if the added pressure wasn’t enough, the guardian in charge of the group for the weekend whom happens to be Adagaki’s fathers secretary (named Yuisaki) has a very high opinion of Adagaki’s man hating ways. This becomes significant because Makabe’s reaction to Yoshino’s threat is to make a power move in front of Yuisaki and declare that he is Adagaki’s boyfriend. Adagaki goes along with this lie, seemingly to save face in front of Yuisaki. In actuality Yuisaki plans to get revenge on Makabe for stealing Adagaki away from her.

I get deja vu from scenes like this

While on the beach that day Adagaki has Makabe play boyfriend with her after she sees Fujinomiya trying to get close to him. She genuinely seems jealous, but also give a very reasonable explanation as to why the two girls, whom both come from wealthy families, shouldn’t get into a spat. Fujinomiya agrees to back off for the weekend. Adagaki and Makabe get some alone time and immediately Adagaki orders him to bring her carbs, nothing but carbs. She instructs him that if goes back to the villa Yuisaki would have a lunch prepared for her. Makabe makes a quip about how he’s supposed to be her boyfriend but I’m thinking at this point this is what she would be making Makabe do even if he were her boyfriend, so get used it. While grabbing the lunch Yuisaki tries to spring her plan of revenge on Makabe into action and as something fun to do on the island she suggests to Makabe that the group do a “test of courage” and she knows the perfect spot. The two diabolical geniuses that are Yuisaki and Makabe come up with almost the same exact plan albeit separately, but Yuisaki’s plan is to scare Makabe while Makabe’s plan is to scare Adagaki and come to her rescue. Makabe’s one twist to his plan is that he was getting Yoshino to act as the ghost/killer. Since Yuisaki was unaware of this, upon seeing Yoshino with a chainsaw, she freaks out and starts screaming, which lead to more people freaking out and screaming. On the tail end of it, Yuisaki ends up running face first into a tree.

Remember to run through the forest with your eyes closed at night kids!!!

Both plans seem to fall through but not only does Yuisaki’s plan fall through, she makes Makabe look like the main protagonist or something. When she awakes he is carrying her on his back and he apologizes and reveals he is not really dating Adagaki. He feels responsible for her getting wrapped up in it and thereby causing her injury so he also apologizes for that. She realizes Makabe isn’t as bad of a person as she made him out to be and kind of reverses her opinion of him. While carrying her on his back Makabe gets scolded by Adagaki and Yuisaki has this moment of clarity where it seems like she is going to cry because she realizes Adagaki really hasn’t changed that much. It was actually quite adorable. Makabe requests that Yuisaki doesn’t reveal to Adagaki that he let Yuisaki know that they were just lying about dating. Yuisaki just ran into a tree so of course she is just going to go with the flow. We get no real preview of what is in store for next week but I’m sure they will be back in school. We still haven’t gotten a decent background on Fujinomiya so I’m kind of hoping we get more on her character.

Yuisaki’s either overcome with emotion or suffering from a concussion.

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