Saga of Tanya the Evil – A Surprising Favorite

When I read the blurb about Tanya the Evil, I gave it an immediate pass. There have only been a couple of military anime that I’ve ever liked. This one seemed like it was just going to be nothing special, especially after watching the first episode. So I ignored it as the episodes came out but after a while, I noticed that it was staying pretty strong on the popular anime list.
After watching the second episode I was immediately hooked. It turned out the magical military world was just a vehicle for a murdered salaryman’s battle of wills with God. He refuses to have faith or believe in this being that wants him to warship him as a god. So instead of reincarnating him as would be usual in death, he is instead selectively placed into a harsh world to learn about faith from a life full of struggle. What better way to do that than to place him into the body of a small blond girl born as an orphan in alternate world 1910 Europe.

Refusing to cave in to the demands of some frivolous being who could be just as much the devil as anything else, SHE makes the decision to join the military, in the hopes of working up to a postion where she can live an easy life in the capitol.

Aside from the interesting plot, at its very base is a suddenly hilarious character. When you watched the first episode you saw what everyone else did. A passionate patriot war hero loli, who doesn’t take shit from anyone but cares deeply for any soldier who follows her. The perfect soldier for bringing down gods hammer on the head of the enemies. Once you are inside her head though, you find a very different picture is painted from that. She really generally doesn’t care about anyone but herself and everything she does is just to impress her superiors enough to put her in easy places.

She goes from sweet.


Its hilarious to watch her go about manipulating the people around her and scheming, yet as soon as anything is going right for her, she finds herself in an even worse situation than before. All the while “Being X” continues to keep showing up and messing with her life and taunting her. Even going so far as to make her have to say a prayer to god to make her powers work on the battlefield.

For someone who is fighting not to believe, she spends a lot of her time trying to plot how to defy or even kill “Being X”.

Don’t skip this one like I did, I binge watched the 6 episodes that are out and I can’t wait for more.

Tough Evil Loli won’t forgive you otherwise.


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