Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 6 – Damn, She’s Erotic!

This episode of Interviews with Monster Girls focused a good chunk of the episode on the Takanashi sisters, Hikari and Himari. Takahashi-sensei has been invited over to their house for dinner where he is introduced to both their mother and father and he gets more insight into just how close Hikari and Himari are. This part was pretty great showing how the sister squabble just like any normal siblings would. Especially when Hikari leaves her blood juice packs in the main fridge and Himari scolds her for not storing it in her private fridge. We get the sense that even though Hikari’s plight is real, Himari is slightly jealous of the fact that Hikari gets treated like a princess while Himari works hard and receives no special treatment. And also to reiterate, these girls are twins, but Hikari was the only one to receive the vampire gene. Despite their differences, the scene ends with both Himari and Hikari saying in unison that they want liver and onions for dinner which kind of shows that even though one is a vampire and one is not, the two are truly sisters. We even get a really nice scene where Himari is taking care of Hikari’s hair and Himari is kind of put off by the fact she has to constantly fix her sisters hair. When complaining to Takahashi-sensei about this Takahashi-sensei gives a suggestion that maybe Hikari depends on Himari to do that because legends say vampires can’t see their own reflection and that would make it tough for Hikari to do her hair. Coming to this realization Himari feels horrible and searches out her sister to apologize. Of course she probably should have came to the realization that Hikari’s reflection shows up in mirrors and after this fact is revealed, Himari is pretty embarrassed.


Hikari basks in her sister’s foolishness

We get more sensei on sensei action with Satou-sensei and Takahashi-sensei walking through the halls. Takahashi-sensei seems liek he’s already ready to ask Satou-sensei more question about being a succubus as the fact she has to leave really late to avoid the crowds on trains comes up. Just when Satou-sensei seems liek she is about to open up to Takahashi-sensei she cuts the conversation short an excuses herself. Satou-sensei walks away feeling really good about this conversation because she thinks Takahashi-sensei may be immune to her aphrodisiac effect. he’s not, he’s just trying to be as nice as possible and not act on the urges that are clearly going through his head. Just a random side comment from me here as well…It seems as if Takahashi-sensei is getting a succubus to fall in love with him and I can’t help but wonder is Takahashi-sensei some kind of romance God? Succubi have been known to charm men and devour their life seed until they die. Basically they aren’t really supposed to know what love is, but Satou-sensei seems to be catching feelings for Takahashi-sensei. If that actually happen I have to wonder….is Takahashi-sensei a sneaky Demon King? Think about it, at this moment he has a succubus, a vampire, and dullahan, and a yuki-onna. And they are all women who adore him. My respect level for Takahashi-sensei continues to grow episode to episode…

Somehow Takahashi-sensei can hold back…I don’t know how….

The last bit is Machi getting a little creepy with Takahashi-sensei. She falls asleep in his office and he covers her with a blanket and that’s really nice. Then when she wakes up she thinks Takahashi-sensei has fallen asleep so she transfers the blanket to him…but then proceeds to pet his head…for a very long time…oh yeah and he’s wide awake he even has a book open reading it. Luckily everyone is saved when Hikari and Himari’s father shows up to give Machi a ride home and an escape route out of that incredibly awkward situation. Props to Takahashi-sensei for staying quiet the entire time making sure not to make a scene with Machi.

Any chance Machi had of being #1 girl disappeared as sensei is too mortified to even let her know he was awake for this

Next episode look like it’s gearing up to be Satou-sensei episode so I’m looking forward to that. Although I can’t imagine a succubus’ backstory being all that pleasant. Here’s also hoping the sensei x sensei route is still a go as I am cheering that on hardcore.

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2 Thoughts to “Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 6 – Damn, She’s Erotic!”

  1. I’m cheering the sensei X sensei route on as well. You got my hopes up though because I saw the title of your article before I watched the episode, so I thought it was going to be a Satou-sensei episode.

    As far as a succubus not knowing what love is, this show has already shown again and again that the legends don’t necessarily reflect true. Especially in the the case of the vampire. So just like the rest of the girls I’m sure they will find out that a succubus isn’t as bad as legend has made them out to be, and that she doesn’t have to go so much out of her way.

    Takahashi-sensei is a lady killer though XD

    1. Yeah despite this not really having much plot I’m enjoying it because all the girls are so cute!! … I’m so simple…

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