Fuuka Ep. 7: My Celebrity Waifu is Trying to Kill Me!!

Women in love make bad decisions, any look at history will tell you that. Idol celebrity Koyuki seems to want to bathe everything in tragedy though. Poor Yuu is just trying to live his own life as usual and she always seems to want to come in and drop some sort of calamity on him.

Drama of course begins to unfold just before their first concert (why would it be any other way). In true form with this anime though, Fuuka will be inexplicably mad at Yuu for any little thing that happens with another girl. As usual it will be because he didn’t tell her that such and such happened with such and such. Learning nothing from their previous fights sure does keep the drama wheel turning.

Still even after delivering this line:

Yuu thankfully realizes from his past mistakes to “confront this bullshit before it gets worse”. So thanks to his good damage control efforts we were able to avoid another 3 episode arc of Fuuka being angry at him in a scale that is far greater than his crime. Having been forgiven by Fuuka, it was just off to the Twitter to explain to the rest of the world about their misunderstanding. Then he can continue to be friends with Koyuki and continue with his band before any of this mess happened. What could go wrong?

Oh yeah, your celebrity waifu can shove you in front of a media fueled bus. A love confession that would have been probably better given in person, was broadcast to the world for all her fans to see. So romantic, so passionate, such confession, SO DUMB WHYYYYYY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

I feel like this is actually how most people would have reacted

So now all her ravenous fans are sent locked and loaded to the bands first concert ready to kill.
I’m sure the show will probably go well and most people will be blown away by their performance, but I still bet there will be some bad egg ready to throw stuff at Yuu. My prediction is that Koyuki will probably jump up on stage at some point to tell the crowd to stop. She’ll then perform with them thus completing the whole “lets perform on the same stage some day” promise.

I have to say that I’m actually finding myself growing a little tired of this anime. Koyuki was an interesting character as a love rival, but everything seems to have pivoted to focus almost completely on her. Maybe the show should have been named “Koyuki” considering how much screen time Fuuka is getting.

We’ll just have to see where the horror ends in the next episode.

It was in that moment she knew……. she fucked up.

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One Thought to “Fuuka Ep. 7: My Celebrity Waifu is Trying to Kill Me!!”

  1. Ya I kept looking at how much time was left in the episode and trying to gauge if they were going to be able to get the concert in before the end of it. As it grew closer to the end I knew they were gonna cliffhanger me like that. The whole episode was a build up to how the crowd would react to Yuu taking the stage and they make you froth at the mouth wondering if anything bad will happen and then just as they are about to take the stage….tune in next week folks!

    is koyuki just crazy? who in their right mind would do an impromptu confession on live television? you’re never going to regret those decisions. and even if they are just friends now the admission that everything she has ever wrote was about Yuu….doesn’t she seem like a crazy person right now?! That’s like stalker behavior!!!

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