Grisaia no Kajitsu Review

Admittedly I would have probably never given this one even a chance by the premise alone. Facebook had people reacting about a certain scene where a teacher has violent sex with a student surrounded by the corpses of other students they had eaten.

One doesn’t really just peruse past something so graphic without some degree of morbid curiosity. Looking at the description though it gave your generic harem setting of “A guy gets transferred in as the only male student of an otherwise all girls school~oooooo surely there will be some teen shenanigans to be had”. Other than stating that each of the girls has their own problems that they need to face, not much else was hinted at.

I was amazed to find that it offered a pretty interesting cast of people that kept me very entertained. The type of banter and comedy between the characters reminded me a lot of the monogatari series. Just a lot of conversational humor skits as we are introduced to a fun environment with character quirks and situational comedy galore. They never let you forget the entire time that there is something a little more sinister and mysterious about all of it though. You start realizing that fun quirks are more or less deep seeded psychological issues that can be just as dark as they were hilarious.

Good question O_O

What really made this anime shine was its use of generic character types while still making refreshing and new characters that avoided your usual anime troupes. Well….. besides A LOT of gratuitous panty shots. In fact the casual way in which this anime explored sexual content was another surprising aspect of the whole thing. A lot of anime spends a lot of time trying to steam out nudity and just flirting around with the idea of sex between characters. This anime is probably the only one I’ve ever seen where sex holds a realistic place in their world but doesn’t focus on it (aside from aforementioned panty shots). It helps to have a main character that reacts to sex with absolute disinterest and that the most sexual girl in the cast is that way because of her psychological trauma.

Alright…. maybe not completely disinterested

The crazy thing about this is that as soon as you find yourself introduced to all the characters and the fun that they have together, at just around the 5th episode the series cracks its knuckles and says “alright time to get down to business”. Things take a turn for the dark and emotional as our main character Yuuji takes on the role of trying to fix each girls various trauma. Usually I roll my eyes at the “tragic past” most anime comes up with but every single one of their pasts are pretty brutal and they only seem to get more and more so as we go. All leading up to the legendary arc covered in episode 10-12, which feels like its very own anime that I would have probably loved to watch just by itself.

The best is that if your a shipper like me, pretty much every girl gets her chance to shine with the main character and would leave you satisfied with their progress with him. I loved pretty much all the characters so it made me pretty happy that they did so.

I could probably go on about the things in this anime that might need a bit of criticizing, but honestly the whole thing wrapped up before I could have any real complaints. I think it was prefect where it ended.
Of course I ended up seeing that there was a second and third season. So I’m off to watch those now, because honestly thats probably where my criticism of the series is going to be. I don’t like to prejudge but I have a feeling any seasons after this one are only going to ruin what was great about it.

We’ll see.

For now I definitely suggest giving this one a try.

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  1. Actually have seen this before and the other seasons, are you aware it is based off a video game? rather maybe it’s like one of those visual light novels i guess…

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