Fuuka Episode 6 Review

Episode 6 of Fuuka came out today and we find ourselves stumbling down childhood friend lane. A place any respectable anime shipper will know to stay far far away from. I should know, I’m usually always a sucker for the childhood friend. Adorable, Sweet, and in love with the MC before any rival even knew his name, but the trouble is that time is unkind to the childhood friend and will usually find some amazing girl coming through to steal the affections of the coveted MC.

Fuuka laid the groundwork to this tragic troupe today. Oddly though, I can’t find myself in any kind of way being able to route for Koyuki. I was hoping that this episode would flesh out her story further than what we had been given in brief flash backs, but it pretty much just showed a longer version of things we had already learned.

Sitting on a swing set making promises of their future together and the whimsical deep meanings that they have. Helping each other through tough times together. Being tragically separated by a sudden move. Yet in just the first couple of flashbacks and conversations we have with these characters we already knew all this. We learned a little bit more about why Koyuki had to move but I can’t help but feel that’s a tad inconsequential.

Not letting my cynicism get in the way though I took it all in as if it were fresh and new and tried to fall in love with the character, only for us to fast forward to her clearing up the confusion they faced at the beginning of the last episode. She keeps on causing more jealousy fueled drama almost immediately after solving the first problem though. Leaving Yuu to simply give her this reaction face.

As he normally has trouble speaking to just about anyone, you can see his character constantly worry about the egg shells that he always seems to be on with these girls. Understandable as they both seem to keep getting psychotically mad at him at the drop of a hat. Any time he even tries to fix it, Koyuki seems to always just want to run away leaving the misunderstanding in place until the next time they have a brief meeting.

Drama is one of my favorite things, but not when its pretty much just the same rehashed problem for most of the season. Especially as I’m really excited to see the band fully formed and playing shows, a lot of this can start to feel a little tedious. So Koyuki, even with this episode fully dedicated to her, has failed to rise up to being shippable to me. Not when there are two very refreshing characters like Fuuka Akatsuki and Sara Iwami in the same anime.

Of course the entire episode was closed off with a nice tidy bit of fan service where Koyuki and Fuuka both end up in the bath house together by chance. Special steam service always there to keep the watcher honest.

Still it gave a good opportunity for the anime to properly introduce Fuuka to her idol, which seems more on point with her character. Unlike when she just walked away when she saw Yuu and Koyuki embracing or when she was yelling at him for being dishonest about knowing Koyuki instead of being ecstatic that he knew someone she really wanted to meet.

It also gave us a chance to find out how Fuuka feels about Yuu, on the surface. How she reacts to people asking who she likes. She even states that she has never even thought about being in a relationship. Does this mean that she just hasn’t thought about what her feeling for Yuu are (most likely) or is she just psychologically unable to attach feeling to someone in an honest way.

All else aside, the bath scene also gave the Yuri shippers a bit of leg room. Some corner of the internet has a Fuuka X Koyuki fanfiction already being typed as we speak.
Well whatever your tastes, poor Yuu is pretty much guaranteed to be caught in the middle of a complicated layering of love triangles. All the poor boy wants to do is learn bass guitar and relax on Twitter.

I’m sure he’ll be sure to remain non-committal and hesitant in true form though.

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2 Thoughts to “Fuuka Episode 6 Review”

  1. can’t i want koyuki x fuuka and sara x yuu???? i honestly thought sara was the best girl so far, she can be cold she can be bright and she plays a mean guitar. plus she looks like a certain you know who and im sure you know my feelings about that character ^^

    1. Lol, I knew that you would like her as a character sensei 😛

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