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Well, as some of you may know I’m slightly obsessed with manga and anime so it should come as no surprise that I actually subscribe to Loot Anime provided by Loot Crate as well. I have been a subscriber since the Loot Anime service has started and very rarely have I been let down. Past awesomeness has included manga volumes of Noragami, Steins;Gate, Yowamushi Pedal, Persona 3, Sword Art Online:Progressive as well as items including Natsu Dragneel cosplay scarf and a replica alchemy circle rug from Full Metal Alchemist. So to say the least I’ve been very pleased so far! Today I will show you my spoils that I received and I knew it was going to be a good one when one of my friends messaged me yesterday asking how I felt about the crate. This friend would only mention the Loot Anime crate if something good was inside it and the only thing she spoiled for me is that I would love the t-shirt that I was getting. Well, I’m all about that anticipation build up so let’s start with the small stuff received in the crate this month!

  • Yume-chan theme key chain/cell phone charm


Yume-chan is the mascot of Loot Anime so you get a new one every month that pertains to the theme. This month she almost looks like a video game character and she is quite adorable as she holds her staff, perhaps content to do some healing or whatnot. My problem with the phone charms is that since I have received every single Loot Anime crate thus far, each and every one of these is on my key ring at the moment and you can hear me coming from every direction because of this. It’s hard for the collector in me to part with any of them but pretty soon I’m going to have to make some cuts.



  • Asuna socks


You had the chance to receive either Kirito themed socks or Asuna themed socks and I got Asuna and honestly I probably would have preferred Kirito. Still a pretty cool and unique item to receive.




  • Re:Zero Rem and Ram rotating picture frame

This is a pretty cool and interesting item. I have no idea what I’m really going to do with this and not really sure how a rotating picture frame really fits in with Re:Zero. All I know is I pretty much want to put a cute picture of Rem on both sides and watch her spin ^_^








  • Sword Art Online II Asuna Figure

This is why I would have preferred the Kirito socks, not because I particularly like Kirito over Asuna but I got double Asuna in this Loot Anime crate and quite frankly the figure is a wayyyyyyyy better item. This figure is really neat, it only stands about maybe two inches tall and fits quite well with my mini army of figures that include Ciel, Umaru, and a Murloc from World of Warcraft (quite a formidable lineup, I know). So far with the socks, picture frame, and figure I think the Loot Anime crate has lived up to at least it’s value but I haven’t quite gotten a “WOW!” factor yet. I Said YET!!!!






  • Log Horizon: The Beginning of Another World (vol. 1 light novel stamped Loot Crate Exclusive)

I’m not sure what makes this a Loot Crate exclusive because it looks the same as the book on Amazon but in the past Loot Crate has done manga exclusives where you get a different cover than what you normally would be able to buy on Amazon or at the store, I know this is the case with the Noragami vol 1 I recevied and also Yowamushi Pedel vol 1. Anyway, none of that matters. The fact that I received this book through Loot Anime made this crate 100% worth the money and for me it was my “WOW!” factor. I have been eye balling this book for months just waiting to pull the trigger, even asked for it for Christmas but did not receive it. Yet truly because it was destiny I am now one with this book. When I realized what this was as I was opening the crate I literally shouted the word “Awesome.” With the value of everything in the crate so far I bet you’re thinking, “oh we can call it a day now that’s way too much excitement for me.” I just hope you check your Asuna socks after this next item because they are about to be blown off.




  • No Game No Life t-shirt featuring Jibril

Are you kidding me? This t-shirt is awesome, and yes I know that Shiro and Sora are the main characters but how about some love for the angelic-like race that lives for almost ever and craves knowledge like it’s food? I LOVE the fact that they choose Jibril for this t-shirt. I’ve never seen it before but it does not say Loot Anime exclusive so it may be available online somewhere (I have no idea where though and I already have mine so good luck with that). The quality of the t-shirt is great and I am currently wearing it right now, in fact, I modeled it for the picture you see on the left. With the last few itemsĀ  bundled together this crate went beyond my value expectations, a t-shirt and a book in one crate is more than enough to satisfy me but not only that there was a second clothing item and also a figure!!! This is what makes Loot Anime so great, especially since all the series included are relevant which in my opinion makes the crate even more desirable. So I am unsure if they have any “Dimension” crates left but if they do I would suggest going and snagging one, I know you can get the Log Horizon book online but as for the other items they would be fairly hard to come by so getting them all delivered to you sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. Also, I know we all can’t afford it but if you have the means I would HIGHLY suggest subscribing to Loot Anime crate monthly as it is really fun to get surprise anime merchandise monthly. Loot Anime is also partnered up with Crunchyroll and I am just in love with everything and anything Crunchyroll does. (No seriously, I follow all their employees on twitter as well they are a great bunch of people.) Bottom line, support Loot Anime, support Crunchyroll!!! Great things will happen!




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