Review: C-The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Since Trix had posted this one in our spotlight, I was interested in it and decided to give it a spin. I can honestly say its been a while since I’ve seen an ending that left such an impact on me. The emotion put into this anime was really strong and it left you dying to know what happens. Even better it had a solid ending that made the whole journey feel worth having.

All that being said, there were such a ridiculous amount of holes in this story. I usually give anime a little bit of a pass on plot holes, as long as there it sticks to its basic premise and it doesn’t effect the story line too much. There are quite a few things that I can not let go though.


The Battles:

Half of this anime is supposed to be kept afloat by your interest in the battles held in the finance district. It decides the effects on the real world and even the very life of the characters themselves. Each “Deal” has you on the edge of your seat wondering how things will work out, but honestly none of it make sense at all. The opponent will spend the entire battle demolishing the main character and his assset, only for him to give them one slash to the stomach with his little blue sword and he wins. One battle, he was getting his ass handed to him by this guy who was way way stronger than him, putting his asset partner into an “out of commission” state, after an emotional moment the scene skips to afterward where the other guy just says “Man its crazy that you won that by using those two moves, I would have never seen that coming”. Their abilities are dependent on their wealth, but we are never really given an idea of how much money the characters have to illustrate the dramatic effect that spending money on super moves would have. Nor how spending the money on moves to destroy your opponent is actually a double edged sword as it takes money away from you. It just seems like at some points they are unleashing their strongest moves at a cost that has no impact on them at all. Any and all talk of strategy just feels pointless with no solid grasp on what does what damage.

The Exchange of Future for Money:

The very premise of the whole thing is that you give your future in collateral for money. Yet its exchange rate is never really discussed. They discuss that the term future is a bit obscure and one can’t be sure of its exact meaning, but what is for certain is that when they battle in deals, if they lose the deal and go bankrupt then their future is taken from them. Usually in the form of death by suicide, although sometimes in the way of losing their child or their business goes under. At the same time if they lose even a little bit of money that they had before then their future is affected.  Ergo it can be established that losing money loses aspects of your future, but then why when they gain money do they not gain a better future. If that can’t be the case then why even have their future tied to the gain or loss of money? Also people spend their midas money like crazy outside of the deals. Gambling and information, as well as the money being poured into reality to be used as actual currency. The head guy Mikuni spends rediculous amounts of his money in and out of battle (probably more than most ever even make) and it never affects him once. So doesn’t that mean your future is only dependent on your win or loss in a deal? So if you got to be good at fighting, money would have no effect on your future what so ever and you could have as much of it as you wanted at no cost to your future at all.

Mikuni’s Goals at Odds with his Strategy

Mikuni I believe is the actual protagonist of this anime, or at least a more fascinating one. I can’t help but feel his actions go completely against all of his goals though. Inspired by his sisters last words, Mikuni decides that if he is going to be given the choice, he is going to do all he can to save the present at the cost of the future. At first he does this trying to get all the Deal battles to more or less just break even with the win slightly going to one side, thus minimizing the effects it has on the real world. Trying to sustain the present while acknowledging that it can’t remain completely untouched. Which is another thing that bothered me the whole time, when their futures become altered then so does their present. So the whole idea of borrowing from the future to make a better present isn’t even close to correct. In fact, almost everything Mikuni does just ends up making the present even worse. He pumps midas money into the japanese economy, even though its known and even shown later that pumping out currency just inflates the amount of money around a depreciates the currency. If anything his actions would cause the economy of the real world to plummet.

His obsession with the main character makes absolutely no sense. He would have died almost all of his first couple of fights had Mikuni not involved himself. When asked about it at some point he alludes that its all in his plans and that it should just be viewed as his personal hobby for the time being. The main character ends up becoming his complete opposition (along with the information broker who should have had no personal interest in taking down mikuni) and takes him down in the end. We find out that he thought their goals would be aligned and that he had hoped he would follow in his footsteps one day. Which is completely rediculous because the main character has never cared once about any of it. The entire time he needed to constantly be manipulated into sort of feeling one way or the other. Even then, his solid goal since the beginning was that he didn’t care about the present and just wanted to live a normal life. Not to mention if Mikuni doesn’t care about the future at all, WHY IS HE WORRIED ABOUT WHO IS GOING TO FOLLOW IN HIS FOOTSTEPS??? A person who has abandoned the future would never even worry about something like that, and even if he did worry he might not be able to continue his work, why not leave it to one of his really capable inner circle people who were already strong and determined in his goal. Why take so much time to build up this kid who only might carry on his legacy some day in a future he is already destroying? Almost everything he did just ended up undoing the present he was trying to protect. In fact if you think about it, if he had done nothing then it would have probably all worked itself out in the end. We find out in the end that the financial district is indestructible and that even once it has been destroyed and the future is reset, it just starts the cycle over again. The Financial District feeds off of future though and can not be sustained without it. So that would mean that the world itself is also indestructible because once all of it is destroyed, the financial district would just become destroyed and give back all of the future that it had just to go through the cycle of taking the future again.

So you start realizing all of it is completely inconsequential. The ending shows that the present and future can just be restored at any given point.

The Consciousness of the Assets:

So Mikuni and Yoga (the main character) are both considered special because they actually care about their assets as more than just a battle tool. Kind of hard not to when your asset is a cute girl. Yoga comes to a realization (due to some random dream) that his asset is the embodiment of his future daughter. He decides that he now has a reason to save the future and go against everything he had just been going along with. She keeps asking him “but what about me?” and he keeps on saying that he is fighting for her future. Which is completely untrue. She is an entity that was built to symbolize his future with her own separate consciousness. His future daughter will have none of her thoughts or experiances and feelings, nor does she feel about the main character the same way his future daughter will. She fell in love with him and he refused to see that he was killing her for his own future. So why claim that he was fighting for her?

Also, if the future is restored and the financial district still up and running, does that mean that his asset isn’t dead?

I feel that I would have probably liked to read this as a book. The art was amazing and it was well animated, but a story like this needs to provide more details and facts than an anime can. It left me with more questions than it did anything else, but I think the fact that I have all these questions means that I really liked this anime. Especially the end kiss scene. This anime did what very very many do not, and that was leave me with a sense of closure and having seen something interesting and beautiful. I wish I could delve into everything a bit more but I doubt anyone would have the time to read a small book about my opinions. So I’ll thank trix for giving me such an interesting watch and let it continue to sink in.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this, as you stated it really is a show that makes you think. It’s an experience worth having for sure for any fan of great animation!

  2. Haha, it was good to see your opinions about this one. When you mentioned watching it I did say it was hard for me to see a premise like this continuing for a long run. I think now that you’ve made the plot swiss cheese you kind of get my drift.

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