Trixie’s Hidden Treasurers #1

What’s more valuable, your future or your present? The first anime in my new segment called Trixie’s Hidden Treasures poses this very interesting question to the audience in a unique way. I’m alluding to the never talked about underrated show C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.

The show’s premise is that there is another world where people wager their future for unimaginable amounts of cash in the present. The battles take place with personas that represent the future that is on the line. If this concept alone interests you please stop reading and watch the show immediately. If you need more convincing just take a look at the wonderful art in the screenshots provided in this article. The animation and direction of this show is breathtaking and will be enjoyed by any connoisseur of the craft. The show isn’t only a fest for the eyes as the OST is one of the best I’ve ever herd, and the opening and ending song will be stuck in your head for days.   

I don’t want to dive deep into the plot because this show deserves to be experienced for every second with little prior knowledge. The only true flaw with the series is that it totals only eleven episodes, with a short run time like that there is no reason you shouldn’t find the time to invest in this underrated classic.



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2 Thoughts to “Trixie’s Hidden Treasurers #1”

  1. Oooooo this does look and sound really cool. This is a great idea. I was thinking you would be the best person for these rare finds and suggestions. Sensei is a simulcast and Manga fiend. Of course I provide atmosphere lol.

    Anyway, I’m literally off to go watch this right now. I’ve been trying to power through Date A live, but it really isn’t doing anything for me.

  2. I’ve actually watched this and enjoyed it and like you the biggest draw back was the fact there was only eleven episode, I think this is part of the Funimation library.

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